Boosting cooperation in nuclear safety and security research

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) of Poland signed today a collaboration agreement focusing on nuclear material research, security, and medical applications.

The Collaboration Agreement will be of mutual benefit for both organisations and allows developing synergies in different areas of nuclear research. It will support fostering JRC scientific excellence by pursuing common research and implementing the JRC Education and Training strategy. In addition, the agreement opens JRC’s research infrastructure to external scientific use.

The National Centre for Nuclear Research is the largest nuclear research institute in Poland and the key reference nuclear research entity in the country. NCBJ research profile combines nuclear power-related studies with various fields of sub-atomic physics. Major market products manufactured in NCBJ include radiopharmaceuticals and a range of particle accelerators for scientific work, medicine and the industry.

The scope of the cooperation includes a broad range of fields related to nuclear research and use such as material research, accelerator and detector developments, security, cogeneration from nuclear reactors, reactor safety analysis as well as medical applications. First joint projects are expected to start in 2018.

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