New Partner Search on the Participant Portal

The search function is based on the data registered in the beneficiary register either as declared or validated data, but in addition to that it uses the database of keywords linked to the projects and the editable data in the organisation profiles.

Organisation profiles

In its first version, the service allows searching for organisations and displaying their profiles.

The profiles comprise:

  • Organisation name, city, country, Participant Identification Code (PIC)
  • Organisation type (Higher or secondary education establishment, SME, etc.)
  • The list of  EU projects in which the organisation is involved
  • An overview of its main collaboration links with other organisations
  • Keywords related to its projects, indicating its fields of expertise

The bulk of the organisation profile is created automatically. In addition, LEARs or Account Administrators (or self-registrants) can edit two data fields:

  • Add or delete keywords
  • Add a summary description of your organisation.

Contact organisations or project participants

Users of the portal can contact organisations, via a Web form that sends a message to the LEAR and Account Administrator. Similarly, users can contact participants in projects (Participant Contacts) – this function is available from the project list on the organisation profile page.

These functions do not disclose the identity of the LEARs, Account Administrators or Participant Contacts.

Plans for future developments

The service will be expanded in two additional stages to include:

  • The possibility to indicate an interest in finding partners related to a particular call topic (open or forthcoming).

Planned delivery: December 2017

  • The option to publish profiles of individual persons and make them searchable. As for the organisation profiles, also the person profiles will be created automatically, based on the available data. For the person profiles, any disclosure requires the explicit consent of the person.  In the initial stage, only the person him/ herself will have access to her profile, with a possibility to decide on the subset of data that can be made public (including the possibility to not make any data public).

Planned delivery: 1st quarter of 2018

Further guidance on the Partner Search

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