Due to the novelty of Horizon 2020 approach and the closeness of NCPs to final beneficiaries of the Programme, the importance of NCP networks as instruments for collecting feedback on bottlenecks and difficulties in the implementation of the new Framework Programme itself is increasing.

NUCL-EU 2020 is therefore set up in order to provide EURATOM NCPs with all the required skills in such a way that they can ensure the best support for Horizon 2020 potential applicants and raise the average quality of proposals submitted under the new EURATOM Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (R&I).

NUCL-EU 2020 is a 48 months project having the following specific objectives:

  1. Enhancing the competence of NCPs, raising the level of know-how of the EURATOM network in particular helping less experienced NCPs rapidly acquire the experiences accumulated in other countries.
  2. Consolidating the network of EURATOM NCPs.

The mission of the project is to provide all EURATOM NCPs with the necessary tools, guidelines and training to carry out their duty efficiently and, most importantly, to be part of a dynamic network which will allow the exchange of experiences and good practices, learning from each other and reporting back to the European Commission (EC) on identified management issues susceptible of improvement.

In order to give measurable objectives the following targets are foreseen:

  1. Improved and professionalised EURATOM NCPs services and establishment of a more consistent service across Europe through training and common tools.
  2. Improved cohesion of the EURATOM NCP network through networking activities.
  3. Simplify access to H2020 calls through joint trans-national activities.

The whole project is dedicated to all EURATOM NCPs officially appointed by the relevant national authorities who are eligible for participation in the trainings and other events and can receive funding for this action (only from EU Member States and Associated Countries in H2020 EURATOM). These NCPs are called “associated partners” in the project. The “associated partners” will work out training topics and the needs will be also included in the frame of the planned training sessions and other activities. The improved services of EURATOM NCPs are directly targeting their potential applicants.