Overview of Work Packages & Tasks

NUCL-EU 2020 will take into consideration the significant changes that Horizon 2020 has brought about the EURATOM NCP mandate. With its brand, new approach to R&I Horizon 2020 demands EURATOM NCPs:

  1.   to address their services to a wider target,
  2.  to have specific multidisciplinary competences.

NUCL-EU 2020, whose consortium is composed by experienced and less experienced EURATOM NCPs from 7 countries, will tackle these challenges building up the NCP capacity by organising benchmarking activities to identifying and sharing good practices, at least 4 interactive and 8 virtual training sessions and 6 twinning schemes (supporting at least 16 NCPs). The dialogue with participants will benefit of at least 2 enhanced cross-border brokerage events and 8 training sessions for stakeholders (2 per year).

The project will also take special care of outreaching activities by extending the collaboration with other NCP thematic networks, working on partner search and cooperating on international relevant activities. Finally, communication within and outside the network and the dissemination of results will be ensured through the website, the development of promotion/ information materials, the participation at major events and PR activities and an e-mail alert service/newsletter. Throughout the project special attention will be paid to the diversity of stakeholders in the Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection sectors, the gender dimension, as well as to establish links with other EU relevant initiatives, programmes and policies.

Pert Diagram